• Kholiavko Viktor Aleksandrovich

    Dentist - hirurg
  • Savina Victoria Yurievna

    Dentist - therapist
  • Gerasimchuk Tatiana Ivanovna

    Dentist - therapist
  • Kholyavko Ilona Valeriyivna

    Dentist - therapist
  • Plys Alena Anatolʹevna

    Dentist - therapist
  • Bulhakov Oleksiy Hennadiyovych

    Dentist - orthopedist
  • Savych Lyudmyla Borysivna

    Dentist - periodontist
  • Humbatova Yuliana Valeriyivna

    Dentist - therapist
  • Prylutsʹkyy Vitaliy Leonidovych

    Dentist orthopedic surgeon

The best prices for dental services in Kherson!


      Avicena is dentistry for the whole family. Our price list will surprise you with loyal prices, given the high level of service that everyone here receives. Our specialists will help you get rid of acute pain and chronic problems. In addition, we recommend that you undergo regular check-ups. Timely consultation allows you to identify the first signs of caries, gum inflammation in the early stages, and then you do not have to spend large sums on global treatment. The price for dental prosthetics depends on the type of crown chosen - metal ceramics, zirconium, metal-free crowns are available.